Best Suburbs of Boston

Best Suburbs of Boston

Did you know that the population density of Boston increases considerably during working hours? If you wonder where all those people are coming from, the answer is clear - they are suburban residents.

A major factor that affects people’s choices for moving to towns near Boston MA is, predictably, the cost of living. Not only is it 53% higher than the national average rate, but also it is under the gentrification policy.

Therefore, moving to a neighboring town is a wise and cash-saving decision. With developed infrastructure and active usage of public transportation, it’s no big deal to explore other places to live. Appreciate the convenience of the fare system: no tokens or tickets, just smart payments using Charlie cards.

What Are the Best Places to Live Near Boston?

Here’s a list of nice suburbs of Boston that, for some, may become a new home.


A good option for those who cherish good education and an affluent lifestyle. Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Lesley University are all situated in this city. This place has a history dating back 400 years.

The prices for houses are high, so move to this place only if you feel secure about your income. $889K is the average price for a two-bedroom house. If you don’t want to buy a property, consider renting it. The monthly rent will be around $2,600.


Just as we mentioned with Cambridge, moving to Brookline to cut down on your expenses isn’t the best idea. A two-bedroom house will cost around $805K. The place is of high prestige and is situated just outside Boston. Yet it has its laid-back suburban atmosphere with a Victorian architectural style and green areas that will satisfy those who aim to preserve nature. Brookline MA has public and private schools, as well as colleges and institutions. Everything is there already, so there’s no need to move outside the suburb.


Movers in Newton will help you to make the relocation as comfortable as possible. The city boasts an excellent public school system and, like many cities on this list, historical connections with the American colonial past. In order to buy a 2-bedroom house, be prepared to pay around $800K for it. Newton is on good terms with water; here, you'll find Crystal Lake, Charles River, and Hammond Pond Reservation, a woodland park. And if you prefer skating, there are a lot of skating rinks.


A town located 8.2 miles away from Boston, Winchester is a great place for families. Why is it among the top suburbs of Boston? You can expect to pay around $600K for a house with two bedrooms. Winchester has public and private schools. Two train lines make access to Boston easy regardless of distance. There’s also a private boat club that offers sailing, swimming, and other family activities.

Good news for cinema lovers: there’s a local film production company called Controversy Films. Boston is known for movies such as Good Will Hunting and Social Network, but Winchester may well be the next film set.


This cozy little town is located next to Brookline and has lower rental costs. To buy a two-bedroom house, you’ll have to shell out around $650K. Because Allston used to be a part of Brighton, for the combined area, the name Allston–Brighton is used. Despite its small size, Brighton has elementary and secondary schools and Everest Institute with Saint John's Seminary. There’s also the McMullen Museum of Art, where you can witness the history of art from Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It exhibits Gothic and Baroque tapestries, Italian paintings from the 16th - 17th centuries, and American paintings of the 19th - 20th centuries. Everything you need in just one place.


A shiny pearl of the Boston MA suburbs – Shrewsbury MA, was named after Shrewsbury, England. The place is distanced a little further from Boston compared to its competitors - it's a 45-minute-drive to get to Beantown. With $350K for a two-bedroom house, you can soak your feet in Lake Quinsigamond - large and deep and a popular place for swimming, fishing, and boating. In the green areas, such as Dean Park, you can have a picnic with your friends. A special bonus for wine enthusiasts – there’s a winery called Broken Creek Vineyard. There you can immerse yourself in the scent of wines produced from local and national grapes, as well as types imported from Chile or South Africa.

Final Thoughts

After you have chosen the best suburb of Boston to live in and found a property to buy or rent there, there’s a question - how should you move all your belongings? Friends and relatives have their own tasks to deal with, and perhaps they live far from you. There’s a simple solution - you can contact the Octopus Moving Company and ask for help. As a licensed and insured moving company, it can be trusted with different kinds of relocation – whether it’s local moving, or it’s moving across the country.

The days of pilgrimage to America are long gone, and you don’t have to wade through various obstacles in search of your new home.