How long does it take for a moving company to deliver?

When you planning your move to a new house or a new apartment it’s important to understand timing. Whether you are moving interstate or in the same neighborhood it’s important to know what exactly needs to be done to successfully move and plan your time.

Almost all the moving companies charge an hourly rate for the local moving service, that’s why how much you will pay for the move fully depends on the time the whole move will take. Usually, travel time from one place to another also depends on the distance from the moving company’s parking lot to your place and back.

Timing for local delivery

As mentioned before moving locally includes travel time, as well as working time and time to drive from your old place to a new one. When you are looking for a company to provide you a moving service it’s vital to find at least a couple of options, so you can compare prices. Simply entering in Google search “movers near me” can help you find movers that are close to you, so you can save on travel time. Almost every company in Boston will charge you for travel time a minimum of 15 minutes one way and another 15 minutes back, so you get a total of 30 minutes of travel time. Also, the time movers travel from one place to another also paid hourly, that’s why it’s important to talk to movers and ask them what time they will be at your new place. In some cases, they can take a little break or even go for lunch, so you have to make sure you don’t pay for that.

What about Long Distance Move?

Different companies charge differently for a long-distance move. For example, Van Lines companies, who collect few jobs and use a huge trailer to deliver them together charge by volume, which is cheaper, but also they don’t tell you when exactly your job will be done and only provide you a timeframe when it’s going to be delivered.

If you hire a local moving company to help you move interstate they charge by Flat Rate which is based on the size of the move and how far you are moving. Let’s say you move two-bedroom apartment to Miami from Boston, in this case, you will be charged an average of $5000 - $6000 flat rate which includes all other charges such as tolls, gas, labor, truck, and etc. and they deliver your belongings in 3-4 days. 

There is always a way where your delivery can be delayed because of weather conditions, accidents, and other factors and in this case Octopus moving company, for example, will make sure to solve these problems as soon as possible and always keep you informed of what is going on with your move.