Packing and Moving With a Cat

Moving your entire house to a new place is a stressful event. Imagine how stressful it is for cats or other pets.

For cats, moving to a new house is a scary and traumatic experience. It adds to the challenges and makes packing and moving difficult. They get confused when they see a lot of packed boxes, moving furniture, and movers stomping in your house.

Cats are territorial by nature and therefore, you need to maintain the necessary precautions while moving with a cat. With the help of a reliable and experienced moving company, your task can become much easier.

At The Time Of Moving

All the shifting and shuffling of furniture is bound to make your cat stressed. To provide some relief to your cat, you should keep it with you at the time of leaving your old home.

You should let your moving company know in advance that you have a cat with you. They should know the room your cat is in, so they won’t disturb it while moving furniture.

We at Octopus Moving Company pay attention to every detail of our client. Once you let us know about your pet, our team will work accordingly. We will make sure that your pet is not stressed or affected due to our work.

It is recommended to put your cat in the travel basket or cage before our team arrives. This will make things easier for everyone.

Arriving At Your New Home

Don’t let your cat out as soon as you reach your new home. You should introduce it to the new surroundings slowly and gradually. Let your pet get familiar with the new surroundings and inspect the new house.

The best thing to do would be to create the same ‘cat haven’ in the new home. Instead of buying new cat toys and blankets to suit the new house, use the old ones. This will provide some relief to your cat as they will identify the smell immediately.

As a responsible moving company, we also help our clients settle down in their new homes. We don’t just move your goods and belongings, but also unpack them and put them to make things easier for you. For all pet owners, we can get your pet room ready, so your pet can enjoy some sense of relief in the new house.

Moving with a pet is always a challenging experience. But we aim to make it easier for our clients. While we take care of all the packing and moving, you can be with your pet comforting them. We will make sure to cause the least disturbance while moving so your pet is not disturbed.

Octopus Moving Company specializes in both short-distance and long-distance moving. We provide all the packing materials and pack all your items safely. We are backed by our efficient team of movers who are swift and responsible in their jobs. Whether you are moving to a new neighborhood or another state/country, we will make moving a better experience for you and your pet.