When is the Best Time to Move

When Is the Best Time to Move

You’ve decided to move. Now what? Many people have found that it’s not just the relocation itself that can be stressful. Even picking a date can be stressful because:

  • Work and other commitments limit your options.
  • You may be in a hurry.
  • You want the best rates.
  • You’re moving with a child and/or have pets.

There are so many factors that go into your decision, but we’ll make it easy for you. Keep on reading to learn the best times to move based on the main considerations:

The Best Season: It Can Be Any!

You get to choose which one is the best based on your preferences and budget. It's smart to be ready in winter, late fall, or early spring if you're looking to cut costs. But if you have kids, it may be ideal to do it during summer. If the weather conditions are important to you, your best bet is fall or spring.

Winter: Because the demand is the lowest during this season, you’ll be able to find more budget-friendly deals. But if you have an entire family with you, getting the logistics in order can be a little more challenging.

Spring: If you want to avoid the harsh weather, you’ll want to get all your ducks aligned during this season. March and April are the cheapest months to move because the demand is yet to rise.

Summer: All real estate is normally more expensive during the summer. Thus, it’s the best time to sell your home and get a fresh start in a new state with the help of long-distance movers. Kids won’t be in school, so the transition to a new one won’t be as difficult for them.

The Best Months: Late September to April

Did you know that the majority of moves happen in summer and spring? On top of families wanting to avoid disruptions during the school year, college students also get ready around this time. In Boston, most leases start on September 1, so it’s also thought of as apartment moving season. If you don’t want it to be overly busy, your ideal time to move will be after the chaos dies down. The demand will definitely decline after, along with the rates that you’d get. That’s why it’s the best time to move to NYC as well.

But if you’re truly looking to save as much as possible, the best month to move is either January or February. The best times of the year to move into an apartment are also these months. You may be able to get better deals because it’s harder to get new tenants during this time of the year.

If you truly want to do it during peak season, here are a few suggestions:

  • Do it in June. The best summer month to move to NYC is June because it’s not yet as muggy as it gets during July or August.
  • Plan it early. Many others will be moving as well, and you don’t want to get stuck with a mover that you’re not a hundred percent confident with.
  • Read the next sections. We’ll discuss when during your chosen month and day will be the ideal time for your move.

The Best Week: Second or Third Week of the Month

During the second and third weeks, the demand for moving services is at its lowest. Leases normally begin at the beginning of the month, while a lot of people want to start the next month settled in their new place already. This opens the potential for you to save on costs.

So, if you have the flexibility to have it scheduled on these less busy weeks, it will pay off. But picking the actual day can be crucial to your entire experience.

The Best Days of the Week: Monday to Thursday

Even during popular move days, things get less busy when it’s not the weekend. So, if it's possible to get time off, especially for this purpose, we encourage you to do so. Not only will you be spending more time on the road on weekends, but they're also more expensive. The cost and time incentive of doing it on the weekend is even greater during peak season.

An out-of-state move is more tiring. For example, if you’re moving from Boston to New York, you’d want to avoid weekends as much as possible. Although any weekday is good, Tuesday is the best day of the week to move, whether you’re moving within the city or somewhere farther.

The Best Time of the Day: Early Mornings

Are you taking care of everything by yourself? You might want to get an early start! Almost the entire process involves manual labor, and you want to be able to get everything done before the temperature rises.

With the weather in your favor, you may actually be focused more on doing things right instead of rushing to get to your new place. This means a lower chance of you forgetting something and stacking boxes (especially fragile ones!) the wrong way. Plus, you’ll have more energy because you’re not getting dragged down by the heat.

So, When Is a Good Time to Move Out?

The best time of the year to move would depend on a variety of factors, including your availability, cost, lease expiry, weather, and any other condition that matters to you. Therefore, there’s no ultimate best date. You should schedule your relocation when you feel you’re most ready. Here are a few parting tips for choosing your move date:

  1. A winter move is ideal if there’s not a lot of stuff that you need to take with you. But there’s a lot more prep involved, so make sure you have the time for that.
  2. Ask for time off early, especially if you’re in a client-facing job, as someone else may be needed to cover for you.
  3. Flexibility can lower your costs if you don’t need your things to be transported by a certain date.

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