Where To Recycle Moving Boxes And Packing Materials?

When moving to a new house, you are accompanied by a lot of moving boxes and packing materials. These cardboard boxes help move your goods safely.

But what do you do with so many packing and moving boxes once you reach your new home? Instead of just throwing them away, you could recycle them to put them to good use.

Now the question is how or where do you recycle these moving boxes? Well, there are many things you can do with these boxes and packing materials.

Return Them

In most cases, moving boxes and packing materials are provided by moving companies. Once you settle down in your new home, you can return the boxes to them. If nothing else, it will surely make them happy to receive their boxes back. They will either recycle the boxes or use them for their next client based on the condition of the boxes.

Send It To The Green Bin

Most of you would want to get rid of the moving boxes as soon as, you reach your new home. Instead of throwing away the boxes, you can simply send them to a green bin. By green bin, we mean a recycling bin. If there are too many boxes, just drive them to the nearest refuse site and drop them in the recycling bin. The recycling unit will take care of the rest.

Re-Sell The Boxes

In case, you were not aware of this, you can also re-sell the cardboard boxes provided they are in good condition. This is a great option if you ordered reusable plastic crates to pack your goods. In many cases, you have to pay extra for the packing materials or buy them your own. If you have spent money on the moving boxes, then re-selling them would be the best option for you. This will help you receive a portion of your money that you spent.

Donate The Boxes

You can also decide to donate the boxes. Many people need cardboard boxes for various purposes. Instead of dumping the boxes in the trash, it would be better if you donate these boxes to them. If you know anyone who is planning to move, you can give them the boxes. They are surely going to appreciate this kind gesture. Ask your friends, relatives, or neighbors if they need cardboard boxes. If you don’t get any response, post it on social media.

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