Will Movers Move Dressers with Clothes in Them?

When it comes to moving your household, you think of tens of questions. One of the very common questions asked by people is whether movers move dressers with clothes in them? The short answer is yes. But that is not always the case.

The thing is empty dressers are easy to move. The added weight of clothes makes it difficult for movers to carry and load your dresser in the truck. However, if you have a lightweight dresser, you can leave your clothes in there.

Empty Dressers Are Easy To Move

Any type of furniture whether it is your dresser or cupboard takes a lot of effort to move. That’s why you wouldn’t want to make it more difficult.

When you leave your clothes inside the dresser, it becomes heavier. This makes it difficult for movers to move it. But if you take all your clothes out of the dresser, it becomes lighter than before. As a result, the movers can move it easily and also consume less time.

However, if you have a lightweight dresser that is easy to move, you can leave your clothes in there. But in most cases, movers will request you to empty your dressers and cupboards.

One of the main advantages of emptying your dresser is that it reduces the risk of damage or injury. That’s because movers are less likely to struggle to carry an empty dresser. Not just that, but this also speeds up their job.

So if you want your dresser to reach your new destination damage-free, then it’s better to empty it. You can pack all your clothes in bags or trolleys. If you have too many clothes, then you can even carry them in cardboard boxes.

Should you remove the drawers?

Removing drawers from your dressers can make it even lighter to move. But you shouldn’t forget that you will have to put all those drawers back in the dresser. Also, you will have to secure the boxes while moving them in a truck.

Drawers are designed to fit in dressers. Leaving them inside will keep the dresser more sturdy and durable during travel. So it would be better not to take out the drawers.

Tips To Move Dressers

  • You shouldn’t load your dresser if it is old. Or else it could get damaged.
  • Make sure that the drawers are closed properly, regardless of whether you have clothes inside or not. This is to prevent the drawers from sliding open in the truck.
  • You shouldn’t leave valuable or fragile items in the drawers.
  • You should empty the drawers if the dresser needs to be carried up a flight of stairs.

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