Arlington Moving & Storage

Are you in Boston and need a hand to move in or out? Sure, you do. The Octopus Moving Octopus is more than happy to lend you one of its many hands. Call (781) 333-5383 for more details and to place an order for an assistance team.

Moving from Arlington, MA, to any Destination

Any movement within, to, or from Arlington is possible with the Octopus. Our specialists guarantee to make local or interstate resettlement as easy and safe as possible. They’ll plan the shortest and quickest route for you from the pick-up point to the final location.

The Leader of Movers in Arlington, MA

There are many companies in Massachusetts that can help you handle all the mundane work associated with the transportation process. However, choosing to work with professionals from Octopus is the best option. But why?

Trust-Worthy Company

Octopus has been around since 2017. Considering our years of working in the field, you can expect only satisfying outcomes. Also, the majority of reviews on sources like Google reviews and Yelp will confirm the positive experience our previous clients had with the company.

Clear Pricing

Local moving in Boston can cost a pretty penny despite the short distances involved. Octopus, however, always provides a thorough explanation of how its prices are calculated. There are no pitfalls; everything is clear.

Storage Services Available

We offer a fantastic chance to store your valuable possessions in a secure location. Our movers can take care of everything for you, including packing, wrapping, delivering, and storing your belongings safely in a temperature-controlled unit in Massachusetts.

Insurance Provided

Not that it will be necessary. Our Movers in Arlington are professional enough to make sure your property is secure, and any mishap is prevented. But in case of an accident, the insurance will reimburse you the cost.

Arlington Moving


2 Movers

Starting from $129/hr
  • 1 bedroom apartment
  • 2 professional movers
  • Clean 18′ Box Truck

3 Movers

Starting from $179/hr
  • 2-3 bedroom apartment
  • 3 professional movers
  • Clean 20′ Box Truck

4 Movers

Starting from $229/hr
  • 4+ house/townhouse
  • 4 professional movers
  • Clean 26′ Box Truck

Arlington Movers FAQ

The answer is: as soon as possible. A call from you 2 weeks before you’re planning on moving in Arlington would be best. If an emergency occurs and you need to move suddenly, contact us at least several days prior: we’ll try to help you if there are trucks available.

Yes. All paperwork can be provided upon request.

It depends on: ● Dates; ● Amount of the to-be-moved belongings; ● Destination, specifics of the pick-up point, etc. You can find a detailed explanation of price formation here.

The shipment itself includes manual work, insurance, gas, and distance. Wrapping supplies require additional payment.