The Octopus Moving Company offers intercity resettlement services. We perform our work on time, with high-quality service. In addition, we have favorable conditions for each client. In organizing intercity moves, we apply an integrated professional approach, fulfilling all the customer's wishes and solving all issues related to the relocation.

Movers In Brighton, MA as Your Best Companions Whenever You Move!

We offer a wide range of vehicles for transportation with any required load capacity. The large volume of our trucks allows you to save money on renting several small vehicles. Besides:

  • When relocating with a reputable company, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your belongings;
  • When shipping your belongings, we always take into account the dimensions, fragility of items, and their susceptibility to mechanical damage;
  • We provide all the conditions necessary to preserve integrity when transporting fragile goods.

The specialists of Brighton moving company have been providing relocation services for many years and are well aware of all the subtleties. We will help you avoid any problems and quickly take the necessary measures in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Moving to Brighton Made Easy

To ensure your move goes smoothly, follow our simple steps:

  • Contact our specialist in advance (the best time is 3 - 6 weeks before the move date);
  • Tell us in detail about your cargo;
  • Indicate which additional services you would like to book;
  • Approve the route and fees;
  • Provide access to our specialists to perform the scheduled work.

Our company is fully responsible for the storage and transportation of your property when moving to Brighton. Our experts can organize a fast and safe intercity relocation!

Brighton Movers


2 Movers

Starting from $129/hr
  • 1 bedroom apartment
  • 2 professional movers
  • Clean 18′ Box Truck

3 Movers

Starting from $179/hr
  • 2-3 bedroom apartment
  • 3 professional movers
  • Clean 20′ Box Truck

4 Movers

Starting from $229/hr
  • 4+ house/townhouse
  • 4 professional movers
  • Clean 26′ Box Truck

Brighton MA Movers FAQ

Yes, there are! We advise you to contact us about 2 - 3 weeks before the resettlement so that we can settle all the necessary details!

Of course they are! We hire only licensed workers with a complete set of relevant documents and permits.

We have a price list with a rate provided for each service. However, each client requires a different set of services so the final cost will be individual. Be sure to click here and get a quote.

We will help you with any issue related to your move! However, please be aware that we charge extra for additional services.