Melrose Moving & Storage

Are you ready to move on to a new place? Need a little help to take this big step? Octopus movers in Melrose are at your service. Call (781) 333-5383 for more information and perhaps even a little nudge in the right direction.

Comfortable Moving in Melrose Without the Stress

Do you crave a relocation but are afraid of all the steps you’ll have to take? Such a delicate milestone should be entrusted to the experts. The market is really wide, and it can be challenging to perform thorough research and choose the right company. Well, we’ve done the research for you.

Storage Services Available

We’ve got state-of-the-art units in Massachusetts that can be used for storing your belongings. The units are equipped with climate control, so your things won't fall victim to rotting or mold formation.

Besides climate and humidity control, the best protection measures are used in our storage facilities. We make sure that your belongings not only remain in their original form but ensure they remain safe from would-be thieves.

Accident Insurance

Property relocation insurance is an additional guarantee of the owner's property interests in the transportation of furniture and equipment when it is loaded, unloaded, or rigged. We make sure that your property is protected at all costs. But unfortunately, accidents can always happen. The insurance obliges the Melrose moving company to refund losses in case of damage.

Transparent Pricing Policy

We guarantee you the absence of hidden fees and any pitfalls during pricing. Our website contains a thorough description of price calculations. You can also make an inquiry to get a free quote on the website.

Credible Movers in Melrose

The Octopus Moving Company is a professional outfit with extensive experience in the field. Its team of professional movers is always ready to accompany you on your journey.

The Octopus Moving Company was founded in 2017, and it has been providing top-notch service ever since. Years of experience guarantee you the most efficient transportation of your possessions in Boston and its surroundings. All registrations and certifications are available upon request.

We’ve got many positive reviews on services like Google and Yelp, with an average score of 4.5. Most of our clients praise our customer orientation, time sensitivity, and fair pricing.

Long Distance Transportation

We do local moving in Boston alongside interstate transportations. Our movers will gladly transfer your things from Melrose to any destination you may require. Before the start of transportation, specialists will select the optimal route to reduce costs and deliver the cargo in a short time.

Licensed Professional Movers

Our movers are ready to do everything for you. Starting with packing, wrapping, and disassembling your furniture, finishing with unpacking and unwrapping. We provide the materials for packaging for an extra charge and make sure everything is secure for the trip. Our movers work as permanent employees; we make sure to provide you with an entirely positive experience.

Melrose Moving


2 Movers

Starting from $129/hr
  • 1 bedroom apartment
  • 2 professional movers
  • Clean 18′ Box Truck

3 Movers

Starting from $179/hr
  • 2-3 bedroom apartment
  • 3 professional movers
  • Clean 20′ Box Truck

4 Movers

Starting from $229/hr
  • 4+ house/townhouse
  • 4 professional movers
  • Clean 26′ Box Truck

Melrose MA Movers FAQ

2 weeks before the moving date would be perfect.

All paperwork can be provided upon request.

It depends on the volume of your possessions, your final destination, the move date, and the hourly rate. All pricing information can be found here.

The delivery itself, furniture assembly/disassembly, all necessary hardware, gas, fares, etc. Here you can find the full list of what the price includes and what is subject to an additional fee.