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If you are considering moving to Massachusetts, then you should understand that it can be quite a challenge. This may be due to the fact that not all roads are allowed for truck traffic. But our team of responsible movers quickly solves this problem. When we are approached for help in making a move, we begin to carefully plan the route along which we will move. This helps us avoid all sorts of unforeseen problems related to logistics. It is for this reason that we deliver our customers' belongings to a new location so quickly.

Of course, what is up to you is whether you will have a truck parking permit at the new location. You need to take care of this in advance to avoid troubles and fines. It will also help you save time on moving in the future.

As for our tariffs, they are convenient for any person with absolutely any income. Our prices are the lowest in the area. You will also be pleased that we cover all costs for tolls, protective packaging, gas, transportation crew and trucks. Well, much more. Everything is transparent with us - there are no hidden fees, which would lead you into an unpleasant shock. And you won't believe how easy it is to start the process of moving locally - all you have to do is leave us your contact information. Thanks to this, we will be able to start the booking process.

Our moving services

It doesn't matter where you are going to move or where you are. And all because we offer our services in these areas of Boston:

  • Cambridge
  • Somerville
  • Brooklyn
  • Newton
  • Watertown
  • Brighton
  • Chelsea
  • Malden
  • Melford
  • Arlington
  • Belmont
  • Melrose
  • Milton
  • Winchester
  • Waltham
  • Everett

Choose any direction!

Movers in Revere and storage solutions

So, are you looking for a transport company that would satisfy all your requests and needs? Then congratulations! You have found such a company! Octopus Moving is a fully licensed and insured transport company that has been providing its first-class services since 2017. We specialize in residential moves of any kind in Massachusetts. Wherever you are going, we will deliver you to absolutely anywhere in the United States.

Whether you're planning a local move or an interstate move, you just need to pack all of your belongings the right way. But this can become quite a difficult task if you do not have special knowledge, skills and special equipment. our team of experienced movers has it all. And all because each of our employees undergoes thorough training before they are allowed to work.

Don't worry if you have too many things. We will provide you with the required number of crew, as well as the carrying capacity of the vehicle. Our trucks are equipped to carry any type of item. It's clean and safe there. This is one of the reasons to be sure that your belongings will be delivered to a new place safe and sound.

We protect things with special incredibly soft blankets, as well as with the help of shrink film and special tape. When transporting mattresses, we use mattress toppers. We don't randomly load things into the truck. We do this using special equipment that saves a lot of space in the truck. Also, if you need a storage solution, we are ready to provide you with specially equipped temperature-controlled storage rooms.

Moving to Revere with Octopus Moving

Are you planning to move to Revere and start a new life there? And we have no doubt that you have already thought about what awaits you there. And we'll tell you that moving to Revere Massachusetts is a good idea. Revere is essentially a beautiful oceanfront that is famous for its enchanting beaches with incredible scenery. Therefore, in the summer you can fully enjoy this city, because those same beaches with warm water and endless waves await you. And this is just one of the benefits that awaits you when moving to Revere. there are many other reasons to do so.

Revere movers Octopus Moving

When moving, you should make sure that the transport company you contact is truly reliable and responsible. Why? because if it is not, then your move may even fail completely. Repeatedly we heard stories about movers who canceled everything for their customers at the very last minute. And there are also cases when loaders simply do not appear on the spot on the appointed day, they simply disappear without a trace. This has never happened and never happens to the loaders of the Octopus Moving company. To verify this, you can look at the numerous positive reviews about us on the Internet.

Thanks to the reviews, you will be convinced that we serve our dear customers impeccably and never leave them at a crucial moment. We do our best to exceed all your expectations. We always strive for excellence. Our experienced trained movers will pack all your belongings very carefully and carefully so that they are not damaged during loading and moving the truck on the road. Also, our team is equipped with all the necessary tools for disassembling and assembling furniture.

Also on our website you can find all the necessary high quality packaging materials at an affordable price that will definitely suit you. Call us today to get a quote. When you see that the price is right for you, we will be happy to be your hired moving company to complete your move.

To get a free estimate now, just call us at: (781) 333-5383

Revere Moving


2 Movers

Starting from $129/hr
  • 1 bedroom apartment
  • 2 professional movers
  • Clean 18′ Box Truck

3 Movers

Starting from $179/hr
  • 2-3 bedroom apartment
  • 3 professional movers
  • Clean 20′ Box Truck

4 Movers

Starting from $229/hr
  • 4+ house/townhouse
  • 4 professional movers
  • Clean 26′ Box Truck


Octopus moving managed to squeeze our relocation in their schedule on a busy day and arrive on time early in the morning. Alex responded quickly. Great communication, kept in touch throughout the trip. Their furniture delivery services are highly recommended.

Octopus Moving packed up the whole three-bedroom plus a cellar home of ours in about 7 hours. The move was completed the next day - we had been preparing to move to another state for a long time and Octopus helped us tremendously. They FLAWLESSLY wrapped all of our furnishings and communicated well during the process. They disassembled our furniture and packed it up. They handled every box, whether marked as fragile or not, with utmost care. Not a single thing broke! Hire them and enjoy the most satisfying moving quotes in town!

Friends recommended you guys as the best moving company. I had long planned to move. The apartment in Back Bay was small and cluttered with stuff, also uninhabited for months for a number of reasons and I had long wanted to take things and some furniture into my house in Florida. It all seemed to me so troublesome but in reality everything turned out to be easy. The guys carefully packed everything and took it down from the third floor w/ no elevator. Everything arrived in the house undamaged. I would like to thank you so much for helping me with this difficult task.

Octopus Moving helped us move to Cambridge a few days ago. Our first time hiring local movers while staying in the Boston area and we didn’t regret this decision. The guys were gentle with the furniture. I had a lot of stuff and they packed everything carefully. Everything was beyond my expectations and the rates were quite reasonable. I can recommend this crew to anyone looking for reliable and cheap moving companies in Boston.

The team was patient and friendly, I have no complaints. The overall quality of the move and furniture delivery could be rated as 5/5 and stress-free. All of our stuff arrived without a single damage at the destination, which is amazing. I mean the destination was a thousand miles away, interstate. I called a few moving companies among which was this one and booked them for the following week. Everything went on as scheduled. Actually, I had moved long-distance previously and know what I’m talking about.

Alex and his team were professional and friendly. They arrived on time and operated fast during the entire process. Notwithstanding a heavy rain everything went smoothly. They confirmed with us about every minor detail to make sure the job was completely finished. For sure I will recommend Octopus Movers. This was the first time we hired a moving company and storage space and I must say these guys completely met my needs.

These guys did a great job! Very responsive and efficient, they wrapped each piece of furniture and delivered everything carefully and quickly. I would definitely recommend.

They came on time and wrapped/packed all the fragile artwork I have, all of it arrived in perfect shape. My piano was even less protected the time it was first delivered to me! A move was more of a short distance one (within West End) nevertheless very important. How much do these movers cost? Well, they came in at the lower end of the estimate. Lower than the competition.

These two men were on time, worked quickly, wrapped everything like it was “fine China” and packaged it up. They put it all in the truck and brought it to the new apartment. We had put templates on the floor and they placed the furniture exactly where it was supposed to be. I could not praise these movers more.

We needed help moving from one office to another (both in the same neighborhood). Octopus moving was recommended by our partner, they also recently moved to a new office and were very pleased with the employees of this company. We needed help with packing too, which was done properly and quickly. Not a single thing was broken or scratched.

They came on time and wrapped/packed all the fragile artwork I have, all of it arrived in perfect shape. My piano was even less protected the time it was first delivered to me! A move was more of a short distance one (within West End) nevertheless very important. How much do these movers cost? Well, they came in at the lower end of the estimate. Lower than the competition.

The other day I had to move to another apartment. A small 1 bedroom move with lots of fragile items. We ordered a truck with two movers. There was no freight elevator in the house we moved to. Thought it would take a long time but the guys carried the sofa and the bed up the stairs so quickly that after a couple of hours I was enjoying my time sitting in front of the TV. All in all: outstanding job done by professionals. No time wasting. Best in Boston. Definitely perfect for small moves within the same neighborhood.

This was the best moving experience I have had and the team made it as easy as possible for me. They came and moved all of our furniture very quickly and re-built the furniture with no damage. I would HIGHLY recommend

Revere Movers MA FAQ

It would be best to contact us 2 - 3 weeks before the upcoming relocation. This way, we will have enough time to plan your move, settle the transport, and wrap your household units.

Yes, sure! Each employee of our company works under official licenses and is fully vetted.

The cost of each relocation is individual and depends on the month, the volume of cargo, distance, and a set of related services. Click here and get your personalized quote.

We provide loading/unloading, carriage, and moving insurance. You also need to pay extra for packing materials.