Long distance moving Boston. Let change be your holiday.

If you are planning to move from Boston to another state or to Boston, then Octopus moving is exactly what you need. Because Octopus moving is one of the best long distance moving companies in Boston! Below, we will tell you why you should partner with our long distance movers in Boston and trust them to make your move comfortable.

Long distance moving Boston Massachusetts. Choose any direction!

Octopus moving is a highly professional long distance moving company in Boston. Whichever direction you choose, Boston, Chicago, New York, Miami or San Francisco, you can be sure that with Octopus Moving your move will be as convenient and enjoyable as possible.
Here are some of the popular destinations you can choose from:

  • Miami, Florida;
  • Chicago, Illinois;
  • Washington;
  • New York;
  • Austin, Texas;
  • Columbus, Ohio;
  • Charlotte, North Carolina;
  • Seattle, Washington;
  • Denve, Colorado;
  • Indianapolis, Indiana;
  • Los Angeles, California;
  • Memphis, Tennessee;
  • Atlanta, Georgia;
  • New Orleans, Los Angeles;
  • San Francisco, California;
  • San Diego, California;
  • Phoenix, Arizona;
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin;
  • Kansas City MS;
  • California.

Long Distance Movers in Boston Save You Money!

Moving is a huge stress. This is partly because the costs associated with moving across borders can be very high. But things are different with the long distance moving company Massachusetts  Octopus Moving. We are known for being one of the cheapest  long distance movers in Boston. At the same time, we make sure that the quality of our service is first class and in no way inferior to other Boston long distance moving companies.

You will be very pleased with our amazingly affordable prices for first class service. Depending on the weight and number of things, we are ready to offer you the most favorable conditions. We also guarantee that you will never pay more than you were told. We always adapt to your needs so that you stay within your budget.

The cost of moving depends on some important factors. For example, on the size of the truck for your move, the distance of the move and the number of additional services. At Octopus Moving, we don't hide anything from you, all payments are in plain sight.  All expenses will be constantly under your control.

Enjoy moving with long distance moving company in Boston Octopus Moving!

Octopus Moving is a reliable, efficient long distance moving company. The best long distance movers Boston will make your move to and from Boston to another state easier. And for this they have many years of experience, knowledge, and special equipment, which allows them to effectively carry out all types of moving. You can be frugal: with us, all your property will be delivered safe and sound to its destination. Just imagine: with us you do not need to worry about the upcoming road!

If you are planning to make a single move to another state, then stress cannot be avoided. After all, you have to move your whole life to another state. And it becomes absolutely clear why the thought of moving a long distance scares you so much. However, boston long distance movers offer you to shift all your worries about moving to them. With them, you will not need to worry about how and what to pack your things. You will also not need to worry about whether your fragile items will remain intact during transportation.

Packaging is a very time-consuming process that requires certain knowledge. Our best long distance movers Boston have this knowledge. They will ensure the safety of all your belongings, no matter how long the trip. You just get in the car and drive to a new state, enjoying the changes in your life! You will not have time to blink an eye, and we will take care of everything. Your move is in safe hands. Moreover, our movers are familiar with all the requirements for moving in every city in the United States.

You can be sure: on the appointed day, nothing will interfere with the move. No forbidden parking, no broken elevator, no snow, no rain, nothing! Professional movers in Boston will take care of this completely. And then your moving experience will not be stressful. And it doesn't matter if you are moving one item or all 5 rooms to another state - everything will go smoothly and tailored to your individual needs.

The best long distance movers in Boston appreciate your time!

You are very fortunate to work with Octopus moving because this long distance moving company massachusetts is renowned for its light-speed speed. And this means that all your belongings will be delivered to their destination exactly when you want it, and not a minute later!

We never leave your belongings unattended. Our responsible Boston movers will accompany and monitor them throughout the trip.

What are they asking about us?

What is the price for a long distance move?

  • Fixed rates start at $950.

Is there a license?

  • Octopus Moving is a fully licensed transport company for the transport of goods over long distances.

Is it possible to get insurance?

  • Yes, depending on your desire, we provide insurance.

Is there an overnight storage service?

  • Yes, we can store our luggage overnight.

Boston Long Distance professional and efficient movers


Octopus moving is a leading and experienced long-distance Boston moving company. We offer highly professional interstate moving and relocation services. We provide full range moving services from and to Boston, Chicago, New York, Miami, and San Francisco. We try our best to offer you the most efficient and convenient moving possible at highly competitive prices.

Long Distance Moving Rates that will Amaze You!

At Octopus Moving, we understand that moving is a stressful and expensive process. You experience mental stress due to high prices associated with interstate moving and settling into a new place. To help you relieve your stress, we offer the most affordable pricing structure based on the weight and state you are moving to. Our customized moving packages allow flexibility and cost effectiveness.

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Our long distance moving flat rates start from $950

Yes, we are fully licensed moving company to provide long distance moving. For more info contact us

Yes, we provide certificate of insurance if required.

Yes, we provide overnight storage.