Thinking about moving from Boston to Chicago? Our experienced movers will make sure that the change of scenery is comfortable and stress-free for you. No matter how many things you have and what size they are - we will make sure that they are delivered safe and sound to their destination. And, most importantly, on time! We guarantee: we will not make a single scratch on any of your belongings.

Consider the following before moving to Chicago from Boston.

Both Chicago and Boston are great cities with great opportunities. However, Chicago is somewhat different from Boston.


As for housing, prices in Boston are expensive. And the downside is that many "inexpensive" apartments are already very old, and there can be no talk of repair. Housing prices in Chicago, the Windy City, are much lower and largely dependent on location. To put it roughly, I can rent an apartment in Chicago for $700 less than in Boston. And yet salaries in Boston are only 6% higher than in Chicago, Illinois. It's shocking but true.

Chicago is good in terms of cost of living and diversity. Boston is good in terms of safety and proximity to nature. Both that and that city are good in their own way. And only you can choose where to be.

One of the perks of moving from Boston to Chicago is that you can enjoy great weather during the summer. You will also have the opportunity to visit wonderful lively restaurants. Chicago is also famous for its inexpensive lifestyle. The "City of Winds" opens up many opportunities and vacancies for employment for its residents. Chicago is a beautiful city that is teeming with many new opportunities and much more affordable than many other cities.

A beautiful pond.

Of course, you will not live near the ocean or the beautiful sea, but you will be able to admire the incredible Lake Michigan every day. It's even better than the ocean, because on the lake you don't have to worry about the threat of sharks or hurricanes. On this lake you will be able to practice many water sports as well as boating. In addition, the Chicago River flows along the city, so you can enjoy a beautiful view while walking along the waterfront. But the enjoyment of nature is important for happiness.

season change

Being in Boston, you are probably already accustomed to sub-zero temperatures. So you'll be prepared for harsh winters by moving from Boston to Chicago. And although the winters here are very cold, the rest of the year is very pleasant and comfortable. You will enjoy all four seasons to the fullest, especially in spring and autumn, because it is during these seasons that you can walk down the street in a light jacket.

Excellent areas

Chicago has a variety of unique neighborhoods. You will definitely find something for yourself in this city. Different neighborhoods in Chicago offer unique amenities such as award-winning schools, shops and restaurants.

Incredible food

Having made the move to Chicago from Boston, you will have the opportunity to try an incredible unique pizza and hot dog. In Chicago and nowhere else! And this is not all that the City of Winds can offer you. Here you will find restaurants that have become famous for the highest world rating. In them you will taste the food of famous chefs, such as Rick Bayless and Grant Achatz. Chicago is indeed known for its good food.

Excellent schools

When you move from Boston to Chicago, you don't have to worry about where your child will go to school. Because in Chicago, as well as in Boston, there are excellent schools. And if you are a student, when you move to Chicago from Boston, you have a great opportunity to study at world-class universities such as Northwestern University and the University of Chicago. In addition to these institutions, you will find many other universities and colleges in the city center. If you are planning to live in the suburbs, then there you will find award-winning schools, the best schools in Illinois.

Use the services of movers from Boston to Chicago.

Octopus Moving is one of the leading moving companies that can help you move from Boston to Chicago or anywhere else in Illinois.

Movers from Boston to Chicago will do a great job, no matter what size your apartment is and how many things it contains.

Are you sure that you can pack all your things yourself? If not, then Octopus Moving is ready to provide you with professional packaging services. For long-distance moving, it is very important that all things are securely packed. This is what our first-class packers will take care of.

All your belongings, including very fragile ones, will be neatly packed in special boxes that will protect your belongings during the trip.

With us, you do not have to buy packaging materials. Because here you can find all of them!

Otcopus Moving movers can also provide you with assistance in dismantling furniture and reassembling it in a new location.

We will help you put all your things in their places.

How much does it cost to move from Boston to Chicago?

You don't have to worry, because Octopus Moving Company will cover all costs for transportation, unloading, unpacking, fuel, organization and so on. We are also ready to adapt to your individual needs. Discuss your relocation needs with us now to get an offer from us. This will also take into account your budget.

How much will the move cost? It depends on some specific factors, such as the day of moving, size, number of things, and so on. For example, moving a one-bedroom apartment typically costs approximately $6,000. However, we do not charge additional fees.

The process of moving with the movers of the company Octopus Moving.

Transportation of your things will not take much time. Everything will be ready in about 2 days. We'll protect your belongings with shrink wrap, liners and tape.

If you are planning to make a move from Chicago to Boston, then we are at your service! The scheme is simple: you make a call to us. Then our professional staff will come and dismantle your furniture if necessary. Don't worry, all your belongings will of course be neatly packed. Then the guys load all your things into the truck and hit the road. At the new location, we unpack all your belongings, put everything in its place and remove the garbage. All these stages will allow you to enjoy the move and quickly start a comfortable life in a new apartment.

Why you should choose us for moving from Boston to Chicago:

  • Our schedule is all seven days a week;
  • We do not charge hidden fees;
  • We serve our clients at a first class level;
  • Our warehouse services are reliable and safe;
  • We are not engaged in imposing unnecessary services on our clients;
  • We take into account everything that can happen during the move, and try to work out everything to ensure that the move goes smoothly;
  • We work at the speed of light;
  • We accept both cash and credit cards;
  • Our professional packers perform their work efficiently and quickly;

Rely on us! Whether you're moving a home or a corporation, we're here to help. If you wish, we will plan your move from packing to assembly in Chicago.

Long distance travel is not a problem for us. We have done this task hundreds of times already. Octopus Moving staff have many years of experience in interstate moving. The fact that our employees are specialists in their field saves you, our customers, from many problems.

Your time will be carefully saved. We take into account all the nuances, including traffic jams when leaving Boston and when entering Chicago. This makes moving with us even more efficient.

Warehouse premises of the company Octopus Moving

Storage costs in Boston start at $75 per month. You may need to store your belongings while you travel to Chicago with colleagues or relatives. In that case, we are here to help you! Our moving company has secure storage facilities in Boston to store your belongings. A certain temperature is maintained in these rooms, and video surveillance is also conducted. Alternatively, you can store your belongings overnight in our well-guarded truck.

Octopus Moving Company is an excellent choice!

We have already successfully helped hundreds of clients make their move from Boston to Chicago. Leave the task of moving planning to us. We will do everything from scratch. We'll help you decide which services to use to make your interstate transition a smooth and successful one. Get a free estimate now by contacting us at (781) 333-5383.

Cost of Hiring Movers from Boston to Chicago

Our Boston to Chicago moving service covers all the costs, including transportation, fuel, loading, unloading, packing, unpacking, arranging and toll tax. We also offer a personalized moving package as per your request. You can discuss your moving needs, and we will provide you with a customized quote to fit your needs and budget.

The cost of moving to Chicago varies and depends on the day of the move, size of the move and other small factors. Usually, a one-bedroom apartment move to Chicago with our company costs around $6000. This rate includes all other charges, no additional fees.

Things to Consider Before Moving to Chicago from Boston

Both of these world class cities are incredible. Job opportunities, universities, entertainment, people, music — you can find all of this in both cities. Yet, there are several differences to consider before moving to Chicago from Boston. 

Housing prices in Boston are higher, and a lot of so-called affordable apartments are old and haven’t been renovated in a long time. Housing prices in the Windy City are typically lower and very dependent on the location. On average, renting an apartment in Chicago is $700 cheaper than doing it in Boston. For example, renting a one bedroom apartment in downtown Chicago, IL costs $1,800 a month, whereas in Boston the average price is around $2,600. With Boston salaries being higher by only 6%, these numbers can be a determining factor for choosing to move to Chicago from Boston.

Overall, Chicago wins in terms of city life/nightlife, cost of living, diversity, and domestic travel. Boston wins in terms of public safety, history, proximity to nature, and travel to Europe.

Why Choose Us for Moving from Boston to the Windy City

  • We work 7 days a week;
  • No hidden fees;
  • Excellent customer service;
  • Reliable and safe storage services;
  • We do not impose unnecessary services on our clients;
  • We take into account and work through all the nuances that may arise during relocation;
  • We promptly fulfill orders, regardless of the amount of work and deadlines;
  • We accept cash and credit cards — if necessary, we will prepare documents for accounting;
  • We pack items quickly but carefully;
  • You can rely on our movers to do any type of home or office relocation to Chicago — from the delivery of your personal belongings to the moving of a whole corporation’s stuff. If necessary, our experts will help plan your move from packing to assembly at the new location;
  • We are experienced in long distance moves. The experience of our company’s drivers and movers that carry out Boston to Chicago relocations amounts to years. This will save you from most of the problems when moving between cities: the employees are skilled, punctual and competent;
  • Time saving is guaranteed. Our experts will select the most convenient option for moving — taking into account traffic jams at the exit from Boston and upon arrival in Chicago will make your move even more efficient.

Storage When Relocating to Chicago from Boston

Our storage rates in Boston start from $75 a month. If you need to keep your home belongings or office items in Boston while you and your family or colleagues are on the way to Chicago, we can help you. Our moving company provides secure storage units in Boston. These units are temperature controlled and CCTV-equipped. Also, with our two-day moving option, your items can be safely stored in our truck in a secure parking lot.

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Octopus moving managed to squeeze our relocation in their schedule on a busy day and arrive on time early in the morning. Alex responded quickly. Great communication, kept in touch throughout the trip. Their furniture delivery services are highly recommended.

Octopus Moving packed up the whole three-bedroom plus a cellar home of ours in about 7 hours. The move was completed the next day - we had been preparing to move to another state for a long time and Octopus helped us tremendously. They FLAWLESSLY wrapped all of our furnishings and communicated well during the process. They disassembled our furniture and packed it up. They handled every box, whether marked as fragile or not, with utmost care. Not a single thing broke! Hire them and enjoy the most satisfying moving quotes in town!

Friends recommended you guys as the best moving company. I had long planned to move. The apartment in Back Bay was small and cluttered with stuff, also uninhabited for months for a number of reasons and I had long wanted to take things and some furniture into my house in Florida. It all seemed to me so troublesome but in reality everything turned out to be easy. The guys carefully packed everything and took it down from the third floor w/ no elevator. Everything arrived in the house undamaged. I would like to thank you so much for helping me with this difficult task.

Octopus Moving helped us move to Cambridge a few days ago. Our first time hiring local movers while staying in the Boston area and we didn’t regret this decision. The guys were gentle with the furniture. I had a lot of stuff and they packed everything carefully. Everything was beyond my expectations and the rates were quite reasonable. I can recommend this crew to anyone looking for reliable and cheap moving companies in Boston.

The team was patient and friendly, I have no complaints. The overall quality of the move and furniture delivery could be rated as 5/5 and stress-free. All of our stuff arrived without a single damage at the destination, which is amazing. I mean the destination was a thousand miles away, interstate. I called a few moving companies among which was this one and booked them for the following week. Everything went on as scheduled. Actually, I had moved long-distance previously and know what I’m talking about.

Alex and his team were professional and friendly. They arrived on time and operated fast during the entire process. Notwithstanding a heavy rain everything went smoothly. They confirmed with us about every minor detail to make sure the job was completely finished. For sure I will recommend Octopus Movers. This was the first time we hired a moving company and storage space and I must say these guys completely met my needs.

These guys did a great job! Very responsive and efficient, they wrapped each piece of furniture and delivered everything carefully and quickly. I would definitely recommend.

They came on time and wrapped/packed all the fragile artwork I have, all of it arrived in perfect shape. My piano was even less protected the time it was first delivered to me! A move was more of a short distance one (within West End) nevertheless very important. How much do these movers cost? Well, they came in at the lower end of the estimate. Lower than the competition.

These two men were on time, worked quickly, wrapped everything like it was “fine China” and packaged it up. They put it all in the truck and brought it to the new apartment. We had put templates on the floor and they placed the furniture exactly where it was supposed to be. I could not praise these movers more.

We needed help moving from one office to another (both in the same neighborhood). Octopus moving was recommended by our partner, they also recently moved to a new office and were very pleased with the employees of this company. We needed help with packing too, which was done properly and quickly. Not a single thing was broken or scratched.

They came on time and wrapped/packed all the fragile artwork I have, all of it arrived in perfect shape. My piano was even less protected the time it was first delivered to me! A move was more of a short distance one (within West End) nevertheless very important. How much do these movers cost? Well, they came in at the lower end of the estimate. Lower than the competition.

The other day I had to move to another apartment. A small 1 bedroom move with lots of fragile items. We ordered a truck with two movers. There was no freight elevator in the house we moved to. Thought it would take a long time but the guys carried the sofa and the bed up the stairs so quickly that after a couple of hours I was enjoying my time sitting in front of the TV. All in all: outstanding job done by professionals. No time wasting. Best in Boston. Definitely perfect for small moves within the same neighborhood.

This was the best moving experience I have had and the team made it as easy as possible for me. They came and moved all of our furniture very quickly and re-built the furniture with no damage. I would HIGHLY recommend

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The average rate for moving from Boston to Chicago is $3500

Yes, we are a moving company fully licensed to provide moving to Chicago. For more info contact us

Yes, we provide a certificate of insurance as a part of the Boston to Chicago relocation service

Driving a truck from Boston to Chicago takes about 17 hours. We provide two options: a one-day move and two-day move