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Moving from Boston to Los Angeles is a difficult task, that's why hiring a professional moving company should be in priority if you are looking for a safe move.
Octopus moving performing moves from Boston to Los Angles and other parts of California for a years. Our epxerienced crew will make sure that all your belongings carefully stocked into the truck and safely delivered to your new home.
We are fully licensed and insured to provide long distance service from Boston to LA and have over three hundred positive reviews from our clients over different sources like Yelp, Thumbtack and etc.
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Movers from Boston to LA

Moving process from Boston to LA

The moving process from Boston to Los Angeles is pretty simple. First of all you need to get a moving quote. In order for us to understand how big is your move you have to give us an idea what you want to move (in cases of a big move we provide free onsite estimates). After we gave you a quote and answer all of your questions we confirm your move for a date and time you desire. The day before move we give you a call to confirm that we are coming. At the day of the move we come to your place and start prepering all you large items for a long drive, then we carefully stock your items into the truck, so it won't fall and we all set for the move.
Driving will take around 5 days. After we come to LA we will carefully unload all your stuff and we done!

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F.A.Q. about Moving from Boston to Los Angeles

An average rate for Moving from Boston to LA is $10000

Yes, we are fully licensed moving company to provide moving from Boston to Los Angeles. For more info contact us

Yes, we provide certificate of insurance as a part Of Moving from Boston to Los Angeles service

It usually takes around 5 days to deliver your items from Boston to Los Angeles.