The cost of movers in Boston starts at $119 per hour and depends on individual factors and circumstances of each move. Whether it is housing or offices, stores or businesses of any kind, the price of moving will depend on different factors. Thus, the size of your move will be taken into account, if it is necessary to pack or not, the distance that must be covered, if a storage space is needed, or if means such as elevators must be used to move the belongings. We provide professional moving services that involve only necessary costs and no hidden fees! See the local move hourly rates below.

Therefore, Boston moving companies' prices always vary. In general terms, the average cost is around $159 per an hour of moving, which would mean that moving an average home could cost between $119 and $199.


2 Movers

Starting from $129/hr
  • 1 bedroom apartment
  • 2 professional movers
  • Clean 18′ Box Truck

3 Movers

Starting from $179/hr
  • 2-3 bedroom apartment
  • 3 professional movers
  • Clean 20′ Box Truck

4 Movers

Starting from $229/hr
  • 4+ house/townhouse
  • 4 professional movers
  • Clean 26′ Box Truck

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What Affects the Cost of Movers in Boston?

In any case, everything must be perfectly specified in the budget and the work must always be entrusted to specialized local moving companies having all the necessary permits to carry out this type of service.

Cost of Long Distance Moving from Massachusetts

Sometimes you need to move out of the Boston area and even Massachusetts. Sometimes the new place of living is located hundreds of miles away. In this case the move is considered a long distance one. How much do movers cost when they help you relocate so far away from Boston? Most moving companies apply a customized price that is affected by various factors. There surely is a minimal flat rate, but everyone’s move is different, so it can be hard to foretell the exact cost of movers when you’re departing from the city of Boston.

Below you can see the average price to move interstate from Boston with our moving company. Contact us to get a quote — our customer service will provide you with all the necessary information.

Destination Distance in miles Travel time Average price
New York City 215 5 hr $1300
Philadelphia, PA 308 6 hr $2500
Washington, DC 404 9 hr $2500
Ohio 750 15 hr $5000
Charlotte, NC 840 17 hr $4500
Chicago, IL 980 20 hr $6000
Miami, FL 1500 30 hr $5500
Houston, TX 1850 37 hr $6000
Los Angeles, CA 3000 60 hr $10000
San Francisco, CA 3100 62 hr $10000


Our rate includes all other charges - truck, moving crew and etc. No hidden fees.

No, you pay only after the move is done. In some cases we require deposit.

Our rates start from $119/h and grow depending on the day of the move.

The minimum flat rate to New York from Boston is $950.